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NFMC Festival in Gwinnett County MTA Festivals


The National Federation of Music Clubs is designed to promote study, stimulate interest in American and world music literature, and encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement.

Festivals are designed for ALL members of the NFMC. It is not a competition but an opportunity to perform and receive evaluation. The rules are set by the NFMC and all Festivals are administered by the respective State Federation of Music Clubs in accordance with the rules that appear in the Festival Bulletin.

The Gwinnett County Music Teachers Association holds three festivals annually, divided into three distinctly different districts: North, West and Central.

Click here for information about NFMC Membership.
Click here for information about Federated Festival Rules and Procedures.

Online Registration via Vivace: click here.

Virtual Performance Submission Form: click here.

Upload deadline for Central District: March 5, 2022.

  • For rating, music must be memorized and no music score should be visible on screen.
  • The performer’s face and hands must be visible at all times in the video.
  • No editing, zooming, or panning is allowed.
  • Each piece must be one continuous shot/video. No editing or combining.
  • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and the link provided on the form. Do not try to upload your video.
  • Please ensure that your YouTube video is uploaded as public or unlisted. (Not private.)
  • Copy in the links to the required and choice videos in the spaces provided on the form.
  • Attach/upload the pdf files of your scores in the spaces provided below. As indicated on your original registration, all files must comply with copyright laws.

If you have any difficulty uploading your virtual performance, please contact Kathy Dawal.

For additional information, please contact Judy Harper here, the GCMTA Federated Festival Chair.

Festival Applicant List (for use by teachers only. DO NOT SUBMIT)

Festival SCJM Form JR-3-13

Vivace Tutorial