2021: Mary Ann McTier

Congratulations to our 2021 Teacher of the Year, Mary Ann McTier!  Mary Ann has a private piano studio in Lawrenceville; she has had multiple winners through the years in GCMTA Music Day, Central Gwinnett’s Federated high school competition, and GCMTA Local Auditions.  She has former students who have gone on to major in music programs in college.  She models the “lifelong learning” principle by having taken private lessons as an adult, and by attending many pedagogy workshops and conferences.  She has such a humble and gracious spirit, and does not realize what a wonderful teacher she truly is!  She is generous with her time and talents by serving in many capacities in GMTA and GCMTA.  Currently she is the Georgia MTA Awards Chair.  She has served as the President-Elect, President and Advisor for GCMTA, as well as the Central Gwinnett Federated Festival Chair for many years. 

A parent of three children who were taught by Mary Ann said that she thanked Mary Ann for “creating a lasting love of music. My children’s involvement in musical activities has continued into adulthood…Mary Ann’s approach to teaching, gently pushing with expectations of success, but always understanding when life got in the way of a perfect week of practice, was just the type of teacher my children needed.”

Suzanne Woodrum, a colleague from Savannah, wrote a letter of recommendation on behalf of Mary Ann.  She told us that Mary Ann “has continued a passion to have a great piano studio and offers her students opportunities to succeed and serve as she has.”  She also said that “two years ago, [Mary Ann] volunteered to come to Savannah and play with her duet partner from High School for my husband’s funeral, and I deeply appreciated her thoughtfulness, love and kindness.”  Those three words-thoughtfulness, love and kindness-really sum up Mary Ann McTier as a friend and as a teacher.  We congratulate our 2021 Teacher of the Year, Mary Ann McTier!