Executive Board Job Descriptions



a. In addition to qualifications listed in Section IA of this document, the President  must have served as President-elect for two years immediately prior to being  installed.  

b. The President shall be the principal elective officer of the Association and shall  preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board. He/she shall  recommend committees as may be required by the By-laws or as he/she may  deem beneficial to the Association for appointment by the EB and shall serve as  an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee (NC).  He/she shall perform such other duties as assigned by the EB and applicable to  the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the  Association.  

c. The GCMTA President shall have the authority to conduct business by email,  mail, telephone or online conference with the GCMTA Executive Board (EB).  When approval is needed by vote, a return by 50% of those members polled  shall be necessary to constitute a quorum. Any business conducted by email,  mail, telephone or online conference shall be reported at the next GCMTA EB  meeting and included in the minutes.  

d. The GCMTA President shall be the official delegate of GCMTA to the annual  GMTA State Conference and MTNA National Conference. Expenses as delegate  shall be paid from the GCMTA treasury for each of these events up to the  amount allocated and available for these purposes in the GCMTA Budget. (from Procedural Manual) 

• Prepare an article for each issue of the newsletter (August, September, October,  November, January, February, March, May). Proofread and edit the draft of each  newsletter. 

• Send reminder emails to Executive Board (officers and committee chairs) about  submitting articles for the newsletter. 

• Send reminder emails to Executive Board about submitting reports to the  Secretary prior to the meetings. 

• Touch base with committee chairs of events, such as Music Day or Federated  Festivals, about their needs. If necessary, volunteer to help with different events.

• Send informational Mailchimp (or other group email) to all GCMTA members at  the beginning of months when we have newsletters, events, and meetings.  Include the link to the current newsletter and minutes from the previous meeting.

• Be an “ear” to all members about their concerns. Sometimes you may be  surprised at what people tell you! Be open to suggestions. Hopefully, you won’t  have interpersonal disagreements, but be ready to referee, if necessary.


“a. The GCMTA President-elect shall serve the President in an assisting capacity. The  President-elect, upon completion of that term in office, shall become President of  GCMTA. He/she shall perform such other duties as assigned by the EB and applicable  to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Association.  

b. The GCMTA President-elect shall serve as the Chair of Programs and the  Nominating Committee (NC).  

c. If the President-elect is unable to preside in the absence of the GCMTA President,  then the President may select a Chair or former President to preside in his/her  absence.” (Procedural Manual) 

The President-Elect is responsible for planning programs for the following months:  September, October, November, January, February, March, and May. The Executive  Board meetings occur in August and April. There are no meetings in June, July, or  December. Historically, the January meeting is a brunch meeting, and the program is  not a formal presentation. The March meeting is the Master Class, and the President Elect chooses the participants (3-4) from the winners of the previous November’s Music  Day winners & Master Class recommendations; the P-E also engages the clinician.  

The President-Elect secures speakers for the September-November and February  meetings. One resource for this is https://georgiamta.org/georgias-own.php at the  GMTA website. The P-E shall request the program speakers’ checks from the GCMTA  Treasurer, and shall give the checks in a thank-you note to the speakers. 

The President-Elect also chairs the MED/PED Scholarship Committee. As chair, he/she  is responsible for announcing the scholarship opportunity at the GCMTA meetings,  posting articles in the GCMTA newsletters, and collecting applications/documentation  and distributing said applications/documentation to the other officers. 

The President-Elect shall prepare articles for the GCMTA newsletters pertaining to the  monthly programs and the MED/PED Scholarship.


a. The Secretary shall attend and keep minutes of all meetings of GCMTA and the  GCMTA EB and shall see that the minutes are in legal form and properly preserved. If  unable to attend a meeting, the Secretary, with approval by the President, shall  designate a suitable substitute to attend the meeting and keep minutes.  

b. The Secretary shall email the minutes from the previous month’s meeting to the  GCMTA membership at least 48 hours prior to the next meeting for review.  

c. A copy of the annual tax documents will be filed with the minutes of the EB meeting in  which they are reported.  

d. The Secretary shall receive and maintain a copy of each officer’s and chair’s job  descriptions at the end of each term.  

e. The Secretary shall, with the cooperation of the Treasurer, other officers and/or  chairs, ensure that all documents required by MTNA and GMTA are provided annually  as directed in any communication by MTNA and GMTA to officers of GCMTA.


a. The Treasurer position requires the following skills and abilities: familiarity with word  processing and spreadsheet software, ability to store documents and records  electronically as provided in the PM, III. Minutes and Records, and ability to maintain and reconcile the checkbook and register manually.  

b. The Treasurer shall handle all funds of GCMTA in accordance with procedures in the  job description, and shall email a current financial report to the GCMTA membership at  least 48 hours prior to each meeting for review.  

  • i. Prepare monthly and annual financial statements that include income and  expense categorized according to the budget categories and balancing with the  check register and bank statement;  
  • ii. Assist the EB-appointed CPA in the preparation of all tax documents; provide a  copy to the President and the EB, upon request, prior to filing or dissemination.  Copies of all tax-related documents should be provided to the Secretary for filing  with the minutes of the Association.  
  • iii. Facilitate the business of the Association by creating uniform procedures for  funds dispersal in a timely and conscientious manner.  

c. The GCMTA Treasurer and President shall sign the signature card required by  GCMTA’s bank. If the President is unwilling to be a signatory on the GCMTA account,  then the Immediate Past President or current President-elect may be designated to  remain on the account.  

d. The Treasurer shall attend all business, EB and AC meetings as requested and shall  attempt to recover losses resulting from returned checks. The records of the Treasurer  shall be reviewed biennially by the AC.  

e. The Treasurer will maintain and distribute the membership listing of GCMTA.


Advisory Chair 

The Immediate Past President serves as the Advisor to the current President and  Executive Board, and chairs the Advisory Committee, which is responsible for reviewing  and updating the Procedural Manual every two years (in even years).  

Anti-Trust Chair 

The Anti-Trust Chair informs and advises the membership of MTNA policies regarding  Anti-Trust. 

Certification Chair 

The Certification Chair encourages members to become nationally certified through  MTNA by submitting articles to the newsletter and by speaking about certification in the  monthly meetings. 

Digital Resources Chair 

The function of the Digital Resources chair is to work with other GCMTA chairs to  research and suggest online methods to streamline event activities, such as  registration, virtual performance coordination, and other actions as may become  available or needed. Consulting on upcoming events may be initiated by either the  Digital Resources chair, the Event chairperson, officers of GCMTA, or person(s)  designated by them. The Digital Resources chair will either create the necessary  structure or work with outside resources to accomplish what is needed. 

Applications and benefits include: 

• Similar registration and uploading procedures for all events.  

• Online registration for local events with editing and updating options handled by  individual teachers.  

• Virtual option with video submission for reasons such as Covid, student conflict,  sickness, etc. 

• Behind the scenes monitoring to keep event chairs and teachers updated on  registration and on upload status of virtual performances.  

• Recorded and live tutorial sessions.  

• Sorting and exporting individual Excel documents with working links for virtual  judging/scheduling, and for individual teachers.  

• Making virtual performance opportunities possible in addition to or to replace live  performance. 

Federated Festival Chair 

• The job of the Chairperson in this position is to perform duties applicable to this  position as requested by GCMTA President. 

• The Chairperson organizes and coordinates a Federated Festival. There are  three groups in GCMTA: Central, North, and West. 

Duties include: 

• Answering questions regarding Federated Festival and directing questions to  individuals who can answer questions.  

• Reminding teachers of important deadlines.  

• Collecting fees for Federated and turning in monies collected to the Treasurer.  • Reporting date deadlines to teachers.  

• Assisting in scheduling students’ times and judges for Festival, but not actually  scheduling. Someone else does the scheduling in Vivace.  

• Assisting and recording scores for individual students at Festival.  • Collecting all the scores and generating a report to GFMC.  

GMTA Local Auditions Chair 


1. Needs to secure the date and site of the auditions 4-6 months before the event date. 

2. Secure judges (2 or 3 depending on the number of students) 3-4 months before the  event.  

3. Email the registrations due date, Auditions date, local fee amount, and location to the  State, Local Branch Newsletter, and GCMTA website before August 1st. 

4. Report the progress of the Auditions in both board meetings and general meetings. 

5. Check the allotted duration for each grade according to the state rules. 

6. After the registration due date, the State will send all the registrations data. After  getting the data, the Chair needs to schedule the students’ performance times and  warm-up times along with their assigned judges.  

7. Send an email along with their students’ schedules to participating teachers. Include  the ‘Letter to Parent’ and any rules and regulations for the Auditions. 

8. Email Judges’ letters along with guidelines and schedules.  

9. Print Judge sheets and door monitor sheets.  

10. Prepare any door signs necessary.  

11. Email the work schedule for the participating teachers (check guidelines on the  State website for the duration of the job depending on the number of students entered). 

12. Go over the budget with the Local branch Treasurer and get checks for the event  site and the judges.  

13. Contact the Trophy place to pick out the trophy and negotiate the price. 

14. Print out the certificates.  

15. Go over the room settings with the site coordinator. 

Day of the Auditions  

1. Take all the Auditions documents and certificates to site.  

2. Arrive before the Auditions to check and get ready to receive judges and students. 

3. Make sure the event runs smoothly with all the teachers at their work stations. 

4. Provide lunch for the judges and any refreshments needed for the day. 

5. Announce the results and collect checks from teachers for the trophies.

6. Announce the Regional due dates to the teachers.  

7. Pay the judges and the event site after the Auditions.  

After the Auditions  

1. File completed forms to the State with the results.  

2. Email the order form to the trophy place and email the teachers the date when they  can pick up their trophies.  

3. Report the results at the following local association meeting.  

GMTA/GATE Theory Chair 

The Theory/GATE Chair is responsible for the following: 

1. Follow the rules from GMTA and conduct/supervise GMTA Theory Exams smoothly at Music Day events, and GATE at Local Auditions, including giving  tests to participants and grading their papers with some assistance.

2. Communicate with GMTA and the GATE coordinator as needed.

3. Make copies of the original tests and instructions from GMTA prior to events such as  Music Day and Local Auditions.  

4. Grade papers, report grades, and send original tests to GMTA. 

5. Receive tests returned from GMTA and distribute to the teachers of the participants.

6. Submit expense reports to GCMTA or GMTA soon after each event.  

Hospitality Chair 

The Hospitality Chair is responsible for providing refreshments and beverages at the  monthly meetings. 

Jr./Sr. Scholarship Chair 

The Jr./Sr. Scholarship Chair is responsible for  

• scheduling the event,  

• notifying members of the date, location, and registration deadline, in meetings  and through the newsletter,  

• hiring the judge, 

• scheduling the students and emailing their teachers about the schedule, • printing the certificates, 

• overseeing the event,

• notifying winners afterward and sending the checks, 

• announcing winners at the next meeting, and 

• writing an article about the results. 

MED/PED Scholarship Chair 

The President-Elect is the Chair of the Med/Ped Scholarship. The Chair communicates  to the members the nature, eligibility requirements, and deadline for the scholarship, in  meetings and in the newsletter. The Chair shares all applications and supporting documentation with the Officers, who decide on the recipient of the award. If there is a  tie, the MED/PED Chair breaks the tie. 

Member at Large 

Any member can be asked by the President to function as a Member at Large. A  Member at Large is part of the Executive Board and can vote on matters brought before  the Executive Board, but is not responsible for writing newsletter articles or performing  other duties. 

Membership Chair 

1. Encourage members to be involved in member recruitment. 

• Distribute materials useful for this at meetings. (Calling cards, letters of  invitation) 

• Design, order and print the materials needful to distribution. (Submit receipt to  Treasurer.)  

• Ask for ideas for recruitment and implement those agreed upon. • Invite members to place cards and literature at music schools, stores and  churches. 

• Acknowledge members who bring prospective new members to meetings and  introduce visitors. 

2. Inform members of information important to use for member recruitment and  member retention at each meeting. (Try to keep it fun.)  

• Encourage members to know, understand and appreciate value of membership  for themselves. 

• Research the MTNA website to obtain current facts and applicable news for  members. 

• Research and disseminate information of the local benefits of GCMTA  membership. 

3. Welcome each new member via email and phone. (Each month the Treasurer receives new member information from MTNA and passes this onto the Membership Chair.) 

• Give new members important information regarding news, mentor, password, and website details. Inform them of the next meeting and its content. Invite them to attend. 

• Introduce new members who attend meetings. Have personal information handy for introduction and make them feel very welcome. 

4. Obtain willing mentors from active membership while attempting to match instrument(s) and location with a new member. 

• Send mentor’s contact information to the appointed new member. • Send the new member’s contact information to the mentor. 

5. Write membership articles for the GCMTA newsletter each month and send them to the editor. Welcome new members, encourage members to recruit new members, and inform members of the advantages of membership & membership dues deadlines. 

6. Participate in Executive Board meetings biannually. 

7. Attend monthly GCMTA meetings to give report of new members and fulfill 1, 2, & 4. (above) 

8. Make encouraging and uplifting contact with members regarding large life changes as you come to know them. (Marriage, births, deaths, etc.) 

Music Day Chair 

The Music Day Chair: 

• Secures the venue and judges well in advance. 

• Obtains liability insurance through MTNA for the event. 

• Communicates in monthly meetings and by newsletter, and emails the registration deadline and other pertinent information to the members.

• Reviews repertoire selections and notifies teachers if there is a problem.

• Schedules the students by grade level, and by instrument. 

• Schedules the teachers to work. 

• Emails reminders to teachers leading up to the day of the event.

• Prepares teacher folders for students’ rating sheets and certificates.

• Orders and prints certificates. 

• Goes to the church a day or two before the event to hang signs and set up.

• Communicates with the piano tuner how many pianos are needed.

• Communicates with the church about set up.

• Appoints a hospitality chair, who will order lunch for judges and teachers, and oversee refreshments. 

• Gives master class recommendations to the President-Elect. 

• Brings leftover teacher folders to the November meeting. 

• Writes the article for the January newsletter about winners and honorable mentions. 

Music Link Chair 

1. Participate in a short training session with MusicLink to become familiar with the website and procedures. 

2. Promote MusicLink through newsletter articles and through personal sharing at local meetings. (Usually, one to two articles per year through the GCMTA newsletter is appropriate and one article with GMTA in the summer newsletter is free and approved.)

3. Encourage teacher colleagues to get involved in the program by registering existing scholarship students. 

4. Serve as a resource to fellow teachers – answering questions, helping with registrations, etc. (Use Regional Coordinator as a resource – me.) 

5. Help find teachers for nominated students – among colleagues, if possible. (Rare)

6. Encourage the local organization to reduce/waive local program fees for MusicLink students. (Reduced fee is already approved for Music Day and should be in the PM.)

7. Keep State or Regional Coordinator updated on local activities. This could be presentations, new registrations, instrument needs, association needs/collaborations, etc. 

8. Relay MusicLink Foundation news from State/Regional/National Coordinators to local MusicLink teachers (scholarship, refund, grant offerings, deadlines, or changes, etc.). This info generally comes via email and only a few times each year.

9. Recognize local MusicLink teachers whenever appropriate. Be a cheerleader for those generous teachers! 

MTNA Foundation/GMTA Award Fund Chair 

The MTNA Foundation/GMTAAward Fund Chair is responsible for educating the  membership and otherwise raising awareness about these two funds. Additionally,  the chair collects donations from members to go in a basket for the raffle at the state  conference in November. Chair is then responsible to put together basket (or other)  donation and get it to the conference. 

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor is responsible for compiling and editing articles, and publishing  the GCMTA newsletter eight times a year: August, September, October, November,  January, February, March, and May. Articles are to be submitted to the editor by the  first of the month at mailto:gcmtamail@gmail.com. 

Performance Day Chair 

The Performance Chair locates the venue and secures a date for GCMTA students to  perform in a non-competitive situation. Previous events have included playing at Von  Maur in the Mall of Georgia in early December and playing at an extended care center.  

Teacher of the Year Chair 

The Immediate Past President serves as the TOTY Chair and tells members of the  process for nominating a GCMTA colleague for Teacher of the Year and the deadline.  Once all nominations and supporting documentation are in, the TOTY Chair shares the  files with the Officers, who cast their votes. The TOTY Chair is responsible for notifying  family members and/or friends of the TOTY about the honor (swearing them to  secrecy), and writes the article for the newsletter and the website.