2018: Cathy Thacker

Gwinnett County Music Teachers Association (GCMTA) is proud to announce its 2018 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Cathy Thacker. Cathy is awarded this distinction because of her commitment to her students, excellence in teaching, continued professional development and service to both GCMTA and GMTA. A member of GCMTA for sixteen years, she has served as President (2011 -2013), Treasurer (2007-2011), Music Day chair (2013-2015), and currently holds the position of Anti-Trust chair.  Cathy has recently completed a four-year term serving as State Auditions Chair for Georgia Music Teachers Association.

Mrs. Thacker has a large private piano studio, and her students’ polished performances and superior ratings in festivals and Outstanding Performer awards in local auditions attest to her success as a teacher. Cathy strives for excellence in teaching which motivated her to achieve the designation, MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. Likewise, she continues her personal development as a pianist by continued study with a master teacher. Her tireless and diligent service in professional organizations is evident by her many positions at both local and state levels.

Cathy’s commitment to the music community goes beyond her home studio and professional organizations. She frequently accompanies students at solo and ensemble events, LGPE concerts, and student recitals, as well as playing for her church regularly.

Cathy is loved by her students and their families, and admired and respected by her friends and colleagues in the music community. A quote from her teacher, David Watkins, is most descriptive: “She is truly a fine example of and testament to life- long learning. In the spirit of a true seeker, she works hard to continue honing her own skills and her understanding of the music she performs and teaches. She possesses the invaluable qualities of generosity, humility, and commitment as she goes about her work as teacher, performer, mother, and student… Cathy constantly seeks greater insight into the music she teaches, and into better and better ways to help her students on their musical journey, because she realizes the life enhancing contributions and lifelong source of satisfaction that music adds to their lives.”

Mrs. Thacker gives 100% in everything she commits to do. She is an exemplary teacher in so many areas – quality teaching, loyal service to professional associations at local and state levels, dedication to professional development and service to the community. For these reasons, GCMTA is thrilled to honor Cathy Thacker as our 2018 Teacher of the Year.