2023: Tina Darden

Congratulations to our 2023 Teacher of the Year, Tina Darden! Tina has served as our Hospitality Chair for multiple terms; in the past she has held the office of Secretary, and she also served as West District Federated Chair for several years. Tina displays a positive attitude at all times and makes a great team player. She works tirelessly to perform the duties of every job efficiently and professionally. Her ready smile, friendly demeanor, and sense of humor make her an absolute delight to be around.

An experienced teacher, Tina has touched the lives of countless students through the private and group lessons she has taught throughout her career. Her energy, creativity, and enthusiasm make her an effective teacher in both group and one-on-one lessons. Her students frequently receive superlative ratings and honors at evaluation festivals and competitions because she motivates her students to strive for the highest levels of musicianship. Several of her former students currently have successful careers in music. She is a respected Yamaha teacher and is often called upon to present training sessions in music for aspiring teachers, and her ability as a pedagogue and mentor is recognized across the music teaching profession. Her attendance at conferences, local association meetings, and training seminars shows her commitment to her own continuing education.

An outstanding performer as well as a gifted teacher, Tina frequently accompanies other instrumentalists and has served as pianist for her church for many years.

In her letter recommending Tina for this award, fellow teacher Susan Andrews said: “Every aspect of Tina’s teaching and performing demonstrate her love of music, her skill as a musician and teacher, and her special gift of establishing warm relationships with those she teaches and those with whom she works. Tina Darden has had a significant impact on the music teaching profession, and I am proud to recommend my friend and colleague for GCMTA Teacher of the Year.”

We congratulate our 2023 Teacher of the Year, Tina Darden!