NFMC Membership


National Federation of Music Clubs

West Gwinnett Sr Club

Chair: Becky Bonam
2768 Youth Monroe Rd
Loganville, GA 30052


Date: February 25, 2023

Location: Berean Baptist Church, Lilburn

Central Gwinnett Sr Club

Chair: Kathy Dawal
1735 Fort Daniels Trail
Dacula, GA 30019-4888


Date: March 4, 2023

Location: Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula*

*Hybrid Festival. Virtual option also available

North Gwinnett Sr Club

Chair: Beth Ann Wise
6980 River Island Circle
Buford, GA 30518


Date: March 11, 2023

Location: First Baptist Church, Duluth

Federated Junior/Senior Club Membership Dues

Firm Deadline Sr. Club Dues: August 19, 2022 (postmarked)

Firm Deadline Jr. Club Dues: October 15, 2022 (online registration)

Senior Club Dues: $10.00 per teacher and $10.00 each adult student entering the festival

Junior Club Dues: $2.00

Junior Keynotes subscription: $6.00 required for each teacher (adult students optional)

Senior dues are $10.  You must pay $10 for yourself and an additional $10 for each ADULT student that you plan to enter in the festival in February.  These dues must be mailed by check, payable to GCMTA, to your district chair (see above), postmarked no later than Friday, Aug. 19. No form is necessary, but provide name, address, city, zip, and email for yourself and each adult student.

Junior Dues and Roster

Online only – go to the GFMC website, click on “Festivals”, then “Festival Forms”. Click on “Jr Club Membership”. Complete the information online. Where it asks for GFMC Senior Club and Festival, enter the name of your Sr Club (West, Central, or North Gwinnett). You are the counselor of your Jr Club; please print your complete name in the same way as you registered in Sr Club. The name of your Jr Club should be the same as what was submitted last year; however, if it is different, please send an email to your chair advising that it changed. Especially notify your chair if you no longer have a separate Jr Club, but instead, are included in a Jr Club with multiple teachers or vice versa.

At the bottom of the form, you must type in the ROSTER of your students who may/may not participate in the spring festival. We aren’t sure if the site will allow you to print your roster when you are finished, so make sure to “screen print” if needed.  Follow the instructions for paying online by credit card.  Remember that the deadline to complete this online form and pay junior dues is October 15

It is VERY important that you email your Sr Club/Festival Chair that you enrolled and paid junior dues online and provide the number of Jr Club students on your roster.

Late registration, late rosters or additions

For late registrations of Sr Club and Jr Club dues and late rosters, please go to the GFMC website (address above) and complete registration there. The late fee will automatically be included. Be sure to notify your Sr Club/Festival Chair that you registered, and the number of adult and Jr students submitted.

For students that are added AFTER your original roster is submitted, please mail a list of names along with any additional required funds (payable to GFMC), to the GFMC President/Treasurer as indicated on the GFMC website AND notify your Sr Club/Festival Chair by email of the number of students added.

Teacher Reminders for Jr and Sr Club Application:

  1. Individual teachers need to choose a Jr Club name for their studio. The individual teacher will be the Junior Counselor for his/her Club.
  2. Teachers who are not entering students are encouraged to join the Sr Club and assist with festivals or other planning and socializing.
  3. Schools or entities such as a church music school may apply as a Jr Club, but all associated teachers are members of the Sr Club, paying Sr Club dues of $10 each + the $6 Keynotes Magazine subscription. Students will not be associated with a specific teacher in that Club.
  4. Club Dues are $2 per Jr member and $10 for each Sr member (teachers and adult students). Jr Club dues are paid at the GFMC website. Checks for Sr Club Dues are payable to GCMTA.
  5. Adult students may now elect to purchase the Jr Keynotes subscription.
  6. The Jr Club Roster (submitted online) should be submitted with the Jr Club Membership Application and will contain the full names of all Jr Club members. Students not listed on the roster will NOT be permitted to register for Festival or other NFMC or GFMC events.
  7. The GFMC website is Teachers must register their Jr Club online.