Rules and Procedures

Teacher Requirements

1. Teachers entering students in Music Day must have all dues confirmed as paid.

2. All teachers entering students in Music Day are required to work the event on the following basis: 7 or fewer students: work 1/2 day, assist with setting up or clean up. 8-14 students: work a full day, assist with clean up. 15 or more students: work a full day and assist in an administrative role. (e.g., lunch, hospitality, literature check)

3. Teachers are to fulfill assigned work requirements regardless of student cancellations. If, due to unavoidable circumstances, a teacher cannot be present on the day of the event, he or she may arrange for a qualified substitute to fulfill all assigned duties. Additionally he or she must notify the Music Day chairs in advance, providing the name and contact information of the substitute.

4. Failure to comply with the above requirements may result in forfeiture of teacher’s participation the next year.


1. There are no age restrictions for entrants.

2. Students must be currently studying with a GCMTA member.

Applications and Fees

1. Registration deadline is Saturday, September 30, 2023, completed online with payment mailed and postmarked by no later than Friday, October 6, 2023.


3. Entry fee of $25.00 per student (add $10.00 for each additional instrument), which is not refundable.

4. Teachers send ONE CHECK payable to GCMTA to cover all fees. No cash or individual checks will be accepted. Teachers will prepare the Comment and Rating Sheets and have the students bring them on Music Day.

5. Schedules and other correspondence will be e-mailed.

Checks should be delivered or mailed to:
Kathy Dawal, 1735 Fort Daniels Trail, Dacula, GA 30019-4888

For questions, email Kathy Dawal or Cathy Thacker.

Literature and Performance Requirements

Please refer to the MTNA list of composer classifications before registering your students.

Please click on the links below to view performance requirements for the corresponding category:

Time Limits

Please note: Time limits have been set for each grade. Please make sure that the playing time for both pieces combined does not exceed these limits.

K-3rd grade: 5 minutes
4th-5th grade: 8 minutes
6th-7th grade: 10 minutes
8th grade: 12 minutes
9th-12th grade: 15 minutes


1. Scheduled playing times will be returned to the teacher as soon as possible after registration. Under NO circumstances should teachers request a change in the schedule or make schedule changes among their students after the schedule has been mailed out.

2. If the student is in grades 4-12 and wishes to be eligible for cash awards, requests for AM or PM times should not be made. The block of time allotted to each grade is determined after the applications are submitted. Any student playing outside of the allotted time for that grade is not eligible for a cash award.


1. Students will be rated on an individual basis using these guidelines:

Superior        Excellent       Good

2. Comments will be written by the judge.

3. Certificates are awarded to all students who are performing for a rating. A gold seal will be added for those receiving a Superior rating.

4. The judging is closed. Spectators will not be allowed in the room during the performance. Parents will be required to stay in the waiting area.

5. Completed rating sheets must be kept by the door monitor. Students may read the judge’s comments outside the assigned room. Teachers may pick up their students’ rating sheets and certificates at the end of the day.

Music Day Procedure

1. Students must arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled playing time and check in at the registration desk. Each student must have their Comment and Rating sheet and printed (or authorized if print on demand) copies (no photocopies) of their music.

2. After the judging is complete, students should report to the check-out desk.

3. The Theory Test will be given.


The GCMTA membership has approved cash awards for Music Day as follows:

1. Cash awards will be distributed among eligible 4th -12th grade piano students annually. Cash awards will also be distributed to vocal, guitar/string and instrumental students. The amount and number of awards will be determined after the registration deadline by the chairs, approved by the president, and announced at the October GCMTA meeting. Cash awards will be awarded to qualifying individuals in both in-person and virtual events, separately. The judge’s decision is final and will not be questioned by teachers, parents, or students.

2. Winners from the Local Auditions (GCMTA or other local associations) and JuniorSenior Scholarship Auditions in the same calendar year WILL NOT be eligible to receive cash awards. They will be eligible for consideration of Master Class participation.

3. The program chairman may use the judges’ recommendations in selecting students for participation in the Master Class.