Mission Statement


Encourage pursuit of music, reward a performance well done, and motivate students to improve across a broad range of levels and abilities.


Teachers should feel that all of their students can participate in and benefit from this event.


Each student should benefit in accord with his/her ability and progress to this point.

Judging Standards


Superior (S+, S, S-), Excellent (E), Good (G). Absolutely no E+/-, G +/-

Grade Expectations


At this level the goal is performance experience leading to competition-enabled students. Ratings and comments should build a sense of confidence and success.

Superior: a beginner’s performance. S+ should reward a truly musical performance.

Excellent: should rarely be given, unless the performance is seriously lacking in some way, such as memory or rhythm.


A higher standard of performance is required.

Superior: Performance acceptable and above

S+ : Musically outstanding performance.

Excellent: Performance less than acceptable.

Good: Performance at a minimum level. Rarely merited.


All ratings should be supported with objectively stated written comments, including measure numbers where appropriate.


For maximum benefit to students and teachers, all comments should be written, not verbal. Any judge-, monitor-, or runner-to-student oral communication should have the goal of promoting a confident performance.


Chosen from eligible outstanding performances. All cash award recipients should be selected. Students are ineligible if OP at local auditions of same calendar year. Ineligible students will be clearly marked on the rating sheet and/or schedule.

Master Class Recommendations

Should be chosen from winners and/or superior performances by ineligible students.


There is no specific dress code. However, students are encouraged to demonstrate respect for the event and their judge through their behavior and dress. It is the responsibility of the teacher to prepare their students for this aspect of the performance as well as the musical preparation. Any comments regarding dress should be in writing to allow for teacher/parent follow-up.

Problems, Complaints

All concerns, complaints, problems, changes should be discussed privately with one of the Chairs before any action is taken. Under no circumstances should a monitor, runner, or teacher attempt to make any changes regarding Music Day proceedings. Any change of instruction to judges or resolution of issues that arise outside normal duties must come from one of the Chairs.