Federated Festival

NFMC Festival in Gwinnett County


The National Federation of Music Clubs is designed to promote study, stimulate interest in American and world music literature, and encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement.

Festivals are designed for ALL members of the NFMC. It is not a competition but an opportunity to perform and receive evaluation. The rules are set by the NFMC and all Festivals are administered by the respective State Federation of Music Clubs in accordance with the rules that appear in the Festival Bulletin.

The Gwinnett County Music Teachers Association holds three festivals annually, divided into districts: North, West and Central.

For additional information, please contact Nora Martin using the contact form provided. [Click here to Contact Federated Festival Chair]

Club Dues

Please print out and fill in the Jr Club Membership Application. Using the Excel document provided, open and fill in the Jr Club Roster as an Excel spreadsheet  as well as the included Adult Student and Teacher page. Email the completed Excel document to your district chair. A PDF version is also available. Return all to your district Chair by September 28, 2016 with appropriate checks.

Upload your Jr Club Roster here.

Teacher Reminders for Jr Club Application – New for 2017

  1. Individual teachers need to choose a Jr Club name for their studio. The individual teacher will be the Junior Counselor for his/her Club.
  2. Teachers who are not entering students may choose to join the Sr Club and assist with festivals or other planning or socializing.
  3. Schools or entities such as a church music school may apply as a Jr Club but all associated teachers are members of the Sr Club, paying Sr Club dues of $10 each. Students will not be associated with a specific teacher in that Club.
  4. Teachers are required to have a Google ID in the form of a gmail address or other email set up as the Google ID.
  5. Club Dues are $2 per Jr member and $10 for each Sr member (teachers and adult students). Checks for Jr Club Dues are payable to GFMC and checks (or cash) for Sr Club Dues are payable to GCMTA. Both are due September 28, 2016 and a FULL address MUST be provided for each Sr member at the time of registration.
  6. Minimum Club dues are for 16 members @ $2 or $32. Each additional member over 16 is an additional $2. Individual studios or small clubs will need to pay the minimum dues of $32 + Jr Keynotes subscription of $6 for each teacher.
  7. The Jr Club Roster should be submitted with the Jr Club Application and will contain the full names of all Jr Club members. Students not listed on the roster will NOT be permitted to register for Festival or other NFMC or GFMC events.
  8. The Adult Student + Teacher Roster [here] should be submitted at the same time as the Jr Club Application and check.
  9. The Late Fee to GFMC after Oct 1 for the Jr Club Application is now $25 PER TEACHER. After Oct 1, teachers submit their own forms and include a separate $25 Late Fee to NFMC.
  10. Adult students may now elect to purchase the Jr Keynotes subscription.
  11. Hymn playing rules have changed; please check the bulletin for important level changes.
  12. The new GFMC website is www.georgianfmc.org. Teachers must register for permission to enterthe portion of the website containing festival information.
  13. The NFMC website is www.nfmc-music.org. Various forms are available for download.

Federated Festival Student Online Registration

Student Registration Online with GCMTA (deadline for applications: January 7, 2017) Click the header above to access the pop-up registration form.

Participant Rating Sheet

[[Click here} for the form to complete, print, and send with each student on the day of his/her Festival. Required and Choice pieces must match those submitted online. The Rating Sheet is also in the Rules and Procedures page on the website.

Teacher Reminders for Registration

  1. Application/registration deadline is January 7, 2017. The fee is $23 per entrant + $12 per extra event. No printed registrations will be accepted. (Collect $25 from each student + extra events.)
  2. Enter birthdates for new students only.
  3. Teachers may print out each registration for personal records.
  4. A single check from the Teacher, payable to GCMTA, should be postmarked no later than January 9, 2017 and mailed to the appropriate Federated District Chair.
  5. Teachers should notify their District Chair of SCJM and student transfers BEFORE registration so they can be provided appropriate forms. Forms will also be in the Rules and Procedures on the website.
  6. Students not originally listed on the Jr Club Membership Roster may be added PRIOR to festival after dues are paid to GFMC.
  7. On the day of the Festival, students MUST bring a Rating Sheet and Music matching the literature submitted during registration.
  8. Any literature substitutions MUST be approved by a Festival chair to be eligible as well as a venue change for any student.

For additional information, please contact Nora Martin using the contact form provided. [Click here to Contact Federated Festival Chair]