Performance Day

Performance Day at Gwinnett Extended Care Center

DATE AND TIME:   December 3, 2016 – all day event
LOCATION: Gwinnett Extended Care Center, 650 Professional Drive in Lawrenceville
SIGN UP DEADLINE: November 16th, 2016
REGISTRATION: Registration: Performance Day Worksheet
ENTRY FEE:  $8 per student

Performance day is an opportunity for piano students of GCMTA teachers to play “background music” in an authentic setting. (Almost like a real gig!) Each GCMTA teacher will sign up for 30 minute time slots – you may sign up for more than one – during which their students will provide music for the enjoyment of the residents. Our goal is to fill the entire day with live music.

  • Students of GCMTA teachers only may perform.
  • Each student may play up to 15 minutes.
  • All students must be prepared to play as well as possible. Memorization is not required.
  • Duets and trios are encouraged. Teachers may participate on these.
  • The residents at Gwinnett Hospital Extended Care enjoy children of all ages, so younger children will be invited to participate for the first time this year.
  • To avoid having one monitor who oversees the event for the entire day, each teacher will be asked to monitor the activity for one hour.


Teachers will sign up for 30 minute slots, the Gwinnett Medical Extended Care Center will host our students from 10 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Teachers will submit a list of students to play for their scheduled slot, two weeks in advance of the event. The deadline is Nov. 21. 2016.

  • The fee for student performers is $8 per student. Teachers do not have to pay to perform.
  • If the teacher has estimated their students performances to be less than they anticipated, we ask that the teacher have something prepared to fill the gap.
  • Teachers will submit one personal check for all their performing students when they submit their list of student names.

The Day of the Event:

  • Teachers and students are asked to be at the Extended Care 15 minutes prior to their performance time so that transitions will be smooth

  • No student may play who has not paid or isn’t on the teacher’s list.

  •  During their time slot, the teacher will be responsible to sit near the piano during their entire period to monitor the instrument and encourage their students. Teachers will be asked not to engage in discussions during scheduled performances.

  • Please bring a printed program of your students “line-up” so that it can be posted on the easel which will be on display next to the performance area. There will also be an area where you can display business cards during your students’ performance time.

  • AFTER your students have played, we ask that each teacher remain one additional hour to oversee the event.  We would like to have 2 teachers there at all times, if possible.

Remember that at Performance Day, we are guests of the hospital. Please be respectful in all ways to employees and residents. AND REMEMBER, Performance Day is about having FUN! Keep this in mind during the entire event! Remind the students that this kind of performance is background music and not a formal recital, although we will not have the type of “distractions” as we did in a retail store. Although the patients will be there to listen to you, there will likely be conversations going on during our performances.