Programs for GCMTA Meetings 2019-2020

We have an exciting lineup of speakers for the 2019-20 GCMTA year! Please plan now to join us to enjoy these wonderful programs. September, October, February, and March meetings will be held at Grace Bible Church, 325 Simonton Road SW, Lawrenceville. The November meeting will be held at PianoWorks, 2805 Buford Highway, Duluth. January and May meetings will be held at the 1123 Grace House in Snellville. Please note that the March meeting will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of that month due to the MTNA National Conference.

Cathy Thacker, NCTM



Program Topics

September 25, 2019

9:45AM @ Grace Bible Church, Lawrenceville

Dr. Chenny Gan, Wesleyan  College: “More Sound, Less Pain: Ergonomic Piano Technique”

This workshop talks about technique from the perspective of physics and ergonomics—how to use our energy in the most efficient and effective way to produce the best desired sound and speed on the piano with the least effort and tension. Teachers are
invited to bring examples of technical issues from certain pieces or daily practice, which will be “diagnosed” and “treated” using principles of science and movement.


October 23, 2019

9:45AM @ Grace Bible Church, Lawrenceville

Dr. Kevin Chance, University of Alabama, MTNA President-Elect: “Guide to Successful Sight Reading”

Lack of reading fluency is perhaps the most common issue teachers identify among their students, and it is one of the most common problems encountered among incoming piano majors. By examining reading statistics, approaches, and theories in this lecture, we can thoughtfully reconsider the approaches we are using in our studios. Additionally, a wealth of excellent materials for fostering more fluent reading will be presented. 


November 20, 2019

9:45AM @ PianoWorks, Duluth

Derek Vann, PianoWorks: “Choosing a Digital Piano and Using the PianoWorks Website”

Derek will give us valuable tips and insights about choosing and recommending digital pianos for our own studios and for our students. He will also give us an overview on using the new online ordering system available through their website.


January 23, 2019

9:45AM @ 1123 House, Snellville

January Brunch and Fun!



February 26, 2020

9:45AM @ Grace Bible Church, Lawrenceville

Kathryn Dawal and Lois Finlay present a Piano Duet Program.


March 18, 2020

9:45AM @ Grace Bible Church, Lawrenceville

Dr. Jerico Vasquez, Shorter University: Master Class

Dr. Vasquez will share his expertise in critiquing the students of our own GCMTA teachers. The student performers are chosen from the winners or recommendations of judges from the 2019 Music Day event.

May 20, 2020

9:45AM @1123 House, Snellville

May Luncheon

Teacher of the Year