Teacher of the Year

2023 Teacher of the Year: Tina Darden

2022 Teacher of the Year: Kathy Dawal

2021 Teacher of the Year: Mary Ann McTier

2020 Teacher of the Year: Patti Bennett

2019 Teacher of the Year: Yumi Patterson

2018 Teacher of the Year: Cathy Thacker

2017 Teacher of the Year: Debbie Murphy

2016 Teacher of the Year: Susan Andrews

2015 Teacher of the Year: Jean Mann

2014 Teacher of the Year: Marge Engle

PURPOSE: This award is to encourage and reward excellence & effectiveness in teaching, as well as, to give honor and recognition of continuing high quality service done for the good of GCMTA.

Secondarily, it is intended to create as many media opportunities to increase the visibility and importance of GCMTA and music education to the general public.

One GCMTA Teacher of the Year Award will be given annually to a GCMTA member.

1) Current Officers (President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer) are not eligible for the Teacher of the Year (TOTY) Award.  They are to serve as the TOTY Committee along with the Advisor (recent Past President) who will collectively make the selection of the winner.

2) Nominations for the TOTY Award may be solicited from the Committee Members.  Current GCMTA members may nominate one candidate each. Individual GCMTA members may not nominate themselves.

3) Nominees will be considered based on the submission of the nominating form plus letters of recommendation from colleagues and/or former students to the Committee by December 31 of each year. Announcement of the TOTY will be made at the annual May meeting where the TOTY Award will be given. Any fee associated with the luncheon at the May meeting will be also given as part of the TOTY Award.

1) The Nominee must be a currently paid GCMTA member who has been responsible for chairing a committee and/or having served as an officer of GCMTA.

2) Excellence, innovation, dedication and effectiveness should have been demonstrated in the leadership of the Nominee in his/her respective role based on quality, not quantity of roles.

3)The Nominee may be nominated even if they are not currently serving as a chairman or in a leadership capacity.

4) Excellence as exhibited by students’ music achievements while under the Nominee’s tutelage will also be part of the Committee’s decision.  Such information will be necessary on the nominating form.  Performance of the Nominee’s students in all music arenas & competitions will be taken into consideration.

5)The decision of the TOTY Committee is final.

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