Who and What?

Gwinnett County Music Teachers Association (GCMTA) membership is an MTNA affiliate organization that is available to anyone who wishes to join. We are a group of like-minded music educators that strives to fully equip and encourage its members. GCMTA is an investment in self-improvement and career development as an instructor, musician, artist, event planner, business owner, community leader and music advocate. It also offers your students unique opportunities for performance and scholarships that are otherwise unavailable.


To join GCMTA, one must first join Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) at website and pay the dues. Remember to join Georgia (GMTA) and Gwinnett (GCMTA) by signifying on the MTNA form and paying the associated fees.


MTNA dues are paid annually by June 30 to maintain membership in good standing. Paid MTNA dues are necessary to maintain membership in GMTA and GCMTA.


Benefits of MTNA membership includes discount advantages through various venues, legal resources and scholarship awards programs. Colleague camaraderie, music certification and exclusive publications are also advantages to joining.


Mentoring helps new members more quickly grasp what GCMTA has to offer, as well as, understanding the GCMTA rules and deadlines that are required for participation in events. Having a veteran member’s help is useful and comforting to new members. If you would like to have a mentor please contact Membership Chair, Debra Hughes:

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor to a new GCMTA member please contact Debra Hughes. It is quite rewarding to assist a new member become acclimated to the various GCMTA programs. Mentoring happens easily through internet and/or phone plus new friends are created as a bonus.


For GCMTA members, we currently have small personal calling cards that give essential information about joining. We encourage every member to carry some of these in the case that you meet a music professional looking for a group to join. We ask members to also supply them to music schools, academies or music store fronts. The card is an attractive reminder/invitation to investigate our website, and consider joining. The Membership Chair brings these to GMCTA’s monthly meetings.