Who & What?

Gwinnett County Music Teachers Association (GCMTA) membership is an open organization to anyone who wishes to join.  We feel it is superb investment in yourself as a teacher for it is a group of like-minded music educators that strives to fully equip and encourage every one of its members.   


To join GCMTA, one must first join Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) at website and pay the appropriate fees.  Remember to join Georgia (GMTA) and then Gwinnett (GCMTA) also when you sign up on the MTNA site.


If you would like to mentor a new GCMTA member please contact Debra Hughes at  It is quite rewarding to assist a new member become acclimated to the various GCMTA programs. New members can be mentored easily through internet/phone and usually require very little time on the veteran member’s part plus you make a new friend as a bonus.


If you need literature for advertising GCMTA, we currently have rack cards and personal calling card sized brochures that give information about our group.  We find it useful to carry these with us in the case that we meet a teacher who might like to have a tangible reminder to investigate our website and/or consider joining. Once again contact Debra Hughes at to obtain these.